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Bear hunts are conducted in late afternoon until dark when black bears are most active. Mornings are free to fish, sightsee or relax.
All bear baits are established with permanent safe tree stands. ground blinds are
  available as requested
Baits are set up with hunter's success in mind. Most shots average 10 -15 yards for
  bow hunters
Passports are required for all non residents flying into Canada as of 2007
Temperatures can vary from 30 to 80. Evenings are cool. Layering of hunting
  garments is recommended
Camouflage clothing is legal and recommended for spring bear hunting. Blaze
  orange vest and hats are required for fall hunting season.
ACE Wilderness Guiding Services, the guide and any other sub contractors makes
  every effort to provide professional service and safety for all guests. We will assume no responsibility or liability for any hazard of any kind associated with these trips. ACE Wilderness Guiding Services assumes no responsibility for travel delays in accessing or leaving remote fly in areas because of inclement weather, strikes, plane delay or back ups in scheduled flights. All flight are pre prearranged with Charter Services prior to you trip and scheduling and flight decisions are the responsibility of the contracted air service and your pilot. No responsibility is assumed for any political, meteorological, climate or other circumstances or for the action of transportation companies, contractors or other principals for which ACE Wilderness Guiding Services or any of our associates contracts. Guests who miss their scheduled flights are responsible for their own transportation to camps.
ACE Wilderness Guiding Services, along with other Manitoba Outfitters employ
  the following ethics rule: Any animal that has been hit is considered a kill, your hunt is considered successful. Recovery of the wounded game is the guide's responsibility. All reasonable efforts will be made to do so.
Non-Resident hunters entering Canada with firearms are required to complete a
Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form at the point of entry into Canada and pay a Customs Canada Firearm Entrance Fee of $25 Canadian.
This form can be downloaded from the link below and/or
  your booking package will contain the declaration form. It is recommended that the hunter complete the form - BUT DO NOT SIGN IT - as signing must be done in the presence of a custom agent at the point of entry into Canada.
An approved Temporary Borrowing Licence at a cost of $30 Canadian is required

 for anyone borrowing a firearm for use in Canada (unless the lending individual is in direct and immediate contact for supervision).

Canadian Firearms License or the approved Non-Resident Firearm Declaration
  Form will be required to be presented in order to purchase ammunition in Canada.
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