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NWT Musk Ox
NWT Musk Ox #1 NWT Musk Ox #2
2009 Hunts Available! -Please email or call for details!

The Northwest Territories , Canada is renowned for world-class hunting and fishing. We have been working closely with the camp manager on these hunts. This area is home to musk ox, central barren ground caribou, grizzly, wolverine, red fox and wolves with great fishing opportunities for lake trout, northern pike, and grayling. This is prime habitat for musk ox with miles of white caribou moss covering the rolling terrain and frequent shrubby, black spruce. On the edge of the tree line with one of the largest concentrations of musk ox in the Arctic this area is virtually unhunted, providing a great opportunity for record bulls. Travel by snowmobile and ATV. Get to see the land through the eyes of the experienced Inuit guides who have been guiding and hunting in the area for generations and know the land and the ways of the musk ox. This camp has only 6 Musk Ox tags in total with a limited openings for the current year. Early booking recommended. There is an excellent opportunity for a  very unique Musk Ox hunt. Please call or email for complete details and references on these hunts



NWT Musk Ox #1  - Openings Spring and Fall 2009

The owner and operator of this lodge and is very knowledgeable of all aspects of this northern experience based on his Inuvialuit heritage. With 30 years of land skills experience, He is an excellent master guide. For the past 23 years, he has traveled out on the land to hunt, fish, and trap and has been a guide for big game such as polar bear, musk ox, and caribou. He is fully resisted and licenced to work as a tour operator/outfitter. Holman possesses the rare combination of a community in a picturesque setting surrounded by a spectacular landscape and is located on the northwest side of Victoria Island on the Amundsen Gulf in the Northwest Territories, well above the Arctic Circle. Victoria Island is also partly in Nunavut, Canada's newest territory. It is the year-round home to 450 people. The area around Holman is hilly, with steep cliffs and bluffs that are home to a wide variety of animals, birds and fish. The Inuit people of Canada's arctic share many common cultural practices. Louie and his guides will guide you out into the open mystique of Canada's arctic where you can hunt a musk ox and travel through this unique wilderness landscape by snowmobile, ATV or perhaps dog team - depending on weather and required travel. The guides have a thorough knowledge of living on the land and are excellent contributors to a great hunt as well as a true cultural experience. They offer a maximum of 14 musk ox hunts annually with preferred 2 hunters in camp at any time but you can discuss and consider more than 2 if necessary. Hunts are conducted by ATV's in early fall or most by snowmobiles in spring and late fall the law requires the final 1.5km stalk to be on foot. Equal success with bow or gun.

Spring - March 1st to April - by snowmobile from cabins about 50 miles north of town.
Mar 1 - 6 , Mar 8 - 13, Apr 15 - 19,
Fall - August 15 to October 15 -  by ATV and later into October by snowmobile.
Aug 19 - 23, Aug 26 - 30, Sept 2 - 6, Sept 9 - 13, Sept 16, 20, Sep  23 - 27, Oct ???Available
5 Day Hunts
Hunts success is typically 100% by the second or third day so hunts are generally shorter due to abundance of game. The hunters will have the options of remaining in camp for the entire experience or returning to the town and change their flights or book into accommodations at their own expense

Guide Ratio
Musk Ox Guide ratio 1 to 1
Hunt includes:
All meals during the hunt
All accommodations during the hunt
Services of a licenced guide
Transportation during the hunt by snowmobiles or ATV's (weather permitting) as well as walking
All skinning, fleshing, salting and meat processing 
Hunt does not include:
Travel expense to and from hunters home and Holman NWT
All meals and accommodations in Holman before and after the hunt
License and trophy fee & tax are payable upon arrival in Holman including days lost due to bad weather or due to flight delay.

Excess baggage and/or over weight charge allowed 70 pounds - (2 pieces on commercial flights)
Excess fee for trophies could be approx. $100 - $200 depending on what weight you take home
Costs for shipping and taxidermy fees
Gratuities and personal effects.
Hunter's Trophies:
Musk Ox Trophy Horns, full cape and a small amount of meat if desired (bring a leak proof container to transport the meat home). Trophy bull Musk Ox meat is not typically considered especially desirable and it is important to keep in mind that the excess baggage fees are high in this northern remote area. ** Weight of horns and cape will average about 80 pounds for return flight. Remaining meat is donated to the elders in Holman. Hides and horns are prepared and packaged in camp so coolers are not practical or required. All skinning, fleshing, salting and meat processing is included in hunt cost.

Please request our e-Brochure for travel details as well as weather and typical day schedule etc. ACE has fully researched travel to remote area - ask for E-Brochure for details.

Hunt cost: Musk ox $4500 US REDUCED $3800 US plus 3% GST tax(6% GST for Canadians). Plus $60 CAN for musk ox. A NWT government trophy fee of $150 CAN per animal is applicable.A non-hunting companion can join you on this hunt for an additional fee of $2500 USD. 

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NWT Musk Ox#2 - Not Available at this time


Camp “C” on Website This lodge is located in an extremely remote location, 83 miles southwest of Paulatuk, NWT an Inuvialuit community, on Canada 's northern most Arctic coast. Hunt within close proximity of the newly constructed two story, four-bedroom structure with modern kitchen, home cooked meals , washroom facilities and a wood stove. A second two-bedroom accommodation supports 4 guests. (or from a *remote wilderness tent camp as indicated below). The musk oxen are plentiful and spend most of their time on hilltops or in river valleys and meadows spread over an expansive area. The eskers, ridges, rolling hills and spots of timber stands allows you to get on higher ground to glass as well as provides ground cover enabling hunters to get within close range. You can expect to see several scattered bands of musk ox  before making your final stalk.

*Remote Wilderness hunts: Depending on the travel and location of the musk ox band - your hunt may not be from the main lodge, but rather may be from remote tent camp established in close proximity to where the musk ox are spending their days. Camp accommodations may be near to Paulatuk or our as far as required to locate the best hunting. This lodge will do everything possible to make sure hunters are as comfortable as possible in main lodge or remote tent camp as required. The main focus will be to put the hunter in the best location for a quality hunt with out an excessive amount of travel from accommodations to hunting grounds.

The Musk ox are plentiful, due to the remoteness, hunting pressure is non-existent and success is extremely high on trophy class animals that have qualified for SCI, P&Y and B&C. Hunts are conducted by ATV's or most likely by snowmobiles  Equal success with bow or gun.

Spring Musk ox hunts March and April. Musk ox hunts are 8 days including 2 days travel. Hunts are generally shorter due to abundance of game. We offer a maximum of 6 musk ox hunts annually with preferred 2 (or ??)  hunters in camp at any time.

Hunt cost: Musk ox $5500 US  plus 6% GST tax. Plus $50 CAN for musk ox. A NWT government trophy fee of $150 CAN per animal is applicable.

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Why Sportsmen prefer "ACE Adventures"


Art and Ellen have been full time outfitters since 1992. Art has over 45 years hunting experience including 30 years as a bow hunter, with many entries in the record books. Ellen officially became a hunter in 1997 with a 46” moose trophy. Art and Ellen have personally hosted over 600 hunters with great success and great times! Hunt or fish in ACE camps or with a quality outfitter we will refer you to, when we are unable to meet your needs personally. There is no fee to you for this service! We offer a  choice of camps throughout Manitoba, a province world-renowned for trophy hunting, with drive in or fly in options. Accommodations vary from deluxe lodges, cabins, motels or tent camps. Hunt with a choice of weapons including Rifle - Muzzle - Archery - Cross Bow. Recommended camps are all fellow members of Manitoba Outfitters Association and offers excellent quality service, honesty, integrity and the credibility you would expect to find in an outfitter, along with the opportunity to harvest the elusive trophy you are seeking.


The Northwest Territories , Canada is renowned for world-class hunting and fishing. This is currently the only NWT hunt we offer and we do this on behalf of a fellow outfitter who operates this camp.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please give us a call toll free 888-286-0433 or email us (if you have not already done so please complete our contact form ). We will gladly respond by email, personally contact you or have one of our camp managers contact you directly.

We have openings for the current year and are also booking 1 to 2 years in advance. We would like to talk to you ASAP. We can forward more details, references and available dates on any hunts that suit your needs. Please browse our hunt options and let us know if you have any questions.

We appreciate the opportunity to work as your “Manitoba Hunting Consultants”!

Happy Hunting

Art and Ellen

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